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Waiting To Derail
an inevitable car crash
The Red Sox rosy September just faded in color.

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Ya Hoo.
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This is a pretty funny video on the Boston Mooninite "scare" that took place on 01.31.07. Enjoy!

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--begin self promotion--

Hey LJ Land. It's been awhile but figured I'd drop you Boston folk a note of interest.

12.29.06 -- InstantVintage: DJ Pretty Boy Jones & Digital Derek

I'll be DJ-ing with my friend Pretty Boy Jones at the Enormous Room in Cambridge on 12/29/06. If you need directions or want to read up on it you can peep what city search has to say: http://boston.citysearch.com/profile/35411079.

Should be a good time, I haven't really DJ-ed since college so I'm excited/nervous. I'll be spinning a mix of indie, elctro-lounge, rock, hip-hop, and all points in between.

If interested it should be a pretty good time.

If you want to peep <a href="http://www.prettyboyjones.com/" target="_blank>PBJ's site go here</a>. <i>--end self promotion now--</i> Hope anyone reading this is well, happy holidays!
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Marah playing can't hradly wait for an encore...

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Free new DangerDoom re-mix EP --> http://www.adultswim.com/promos/dangerdoom/occulthymn/index.html

yea, if you like any Doom you'll love this, esp. if you have Dangerdoom. Word.

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Much thanks to my friend Tim I am now OBSESSED with The National's new album Alligator.

I highly suggest you buy this, I've been listening to it for three days strait now. So good.

That is all.


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Super Quick Re-Cap of the Life & Times of Mr.DPH:

- Still working the job, making the websites, shooting the video, and working in the flash.

- Yaz the cat is bigger then ever and he still finds new ways each and everyday to piss me off. The pissing of me off deters in no way from my unconditional love of the beast.

- J9 and I move into our very own place just outside of Coolige Corner on 6/1. I'm way looking fwd. to this. It's a really nice 1 bedroom with a city essential (and nice) porch. The closets are big, the floors are very nice and wood, and we have a ceiling fan in the living room.

- Nothing made the move seem like such a huge life step as what happened last night. We started packing up our belongings and what happened next pretty much affirmed that I'll never be with anyone else ever. We consolidated our CD collections. Anyone who knows me, knows my music is very important to me, and the intermixing of the CD's was very symbolic. This was good and bad, I have a lot of great CD's I never owned now, but I also now have TLC mixed in with Yo La Tengo making me lose just a smidgen of street cred. All CD's have been organized alphabetically of course, as in Hendrix, Jimi.

- It's rained in Boston for roughly 79 days in a row and the joke just isn't funny anymore.

- SawxBlog continues to grow.

- I am still obsessed with Lost.

- I may have lost my iPod and each day without it mounts my anger more.

- All I've read are baseball books for what's going on almost 2 years strait now.

- Four Eyed Monsters is the best.

- I hope all are healthy, happy, and sane. Pics of new apartment to come down the road.

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Jessie was kind enough to send me this picture of Dan & I from the Top That Tune night.

Apparentlly I thought I was #1...may just have been the 'Gansett talking though. I may be getting a hair cut this weekend, cooler heads may prevail though.

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This can be filed under kinda cheezy but...

The last song I ever played for my radio show in college (Visions of the Unexcused, was it's name) was The Beatles - Good Night. I got a little emotional before I played it saying good bye to friends and in reality a part of my life that'd I'd never have back. So...

I just put the White Album on my work iTunes today and listened to album (my fav. of all time) for the first time in a bit, and I think that Good Night will always pull my heart strings a little bit. How bad is it that I get like this with a song Ringo's singing!

So in order to cheer myself up, I am now listeing to De La Soul.

That is all.

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